Zeroes on Heroes

Unsung Heroes: NINE NINE! - 1/10/2018 - UH095

January 11, 2019

NINE NINE!! In honor of BROOKLYN NINE NINE (@nbcbrooklyn99) coming back, we're celebrating all things 99! As in 1999! Is this a blatant reach to tie our show in to a current event? YES!! Did we have an amazing time talking about Britney Spears, Boy Bands, the Matrix, Napster, etc.? ABSOLUTELY!

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Unsung Heroes is a live show brought to you by ZEROES ON HEROES host Mike Mercadal. Recorded live at the Creek and the Cave in Long Island City, New York every Thursday, #ZoH puts out an open invitation to any would be Heroes to join us on stage for a 5 minute display of their super talents discussing the theme of the day and telling their most inspirational and outlandish stories!